Binemon -Apple

Daily PVP P2E


  • A completed fighting formation requires 5 Mons. Players are able to arrange Mon’s position or select a pre-arranged formation before entering the combat.
  • The combat in Play Mode is turn-based, which means there will be specific order and target for each turn during the battle.

Play Rule

  • PVP Rank is played with the model “Attack and Defense”. When playing the game (online), players can use their “Attack” formation to engage in battles. When the player goes offline, his team formation will be put into “Defense” mode with his defending formation (pre-arranged).


  • In PVP Rank mode particularly, there will be a “Pick Rival” window that generates random opponents arranged according to your Rank points (+- 10%). The number of opponents displayed is unlimited. Players can proceed into battle with any of the opponents displayed in this “Pick Rival” window.