Binemon -Apple

Guild vs Guild (GVG)

Guild System

  • Guild Member: each Guild will have one dedicated Lead (Guild's Founder), who has full authority and privilege. Other positions include Semi-Lead, Senior, Middle, and Junior.
  • Guild Ranking: Rank will be assessed based on the total PVP Ranking points of all guild members in a PVP Week.
  • Guild Pool: guild members are able to contribute AMB to the Guild Pool administered by the Lead for purposes of upgrading Guild Level or covering various guild expenses.
Guild Level
Max Member
Guild Buff
Increase Mons' Damage by 2%
+ increase Mons' HP by 2%
+ increase Mons' Defense by 2%
+ increase Mons' MP regeneration by 2%
All previous effects are enhanced by 50%

Guild War

Each Guild can declare war to another Guild:
  • The Lead/SemiLead can declare war.
  • Have to declare war to a specific Guild (pick from a list of Guilds).
  • Have to input the amount of APPLE to wager (from the Guild Fund), min 50 APPLE.
Guild War will start if:
  • There’s sufficient amount of APPLE in Guild Fund of both Guilds.
  • The opponent Guild accepts the war declaration by the next 13:00 (UTC).
  • The war formation of each Guild will automatically be determined, starting with the WEAKest guild member (in terms of Battle Rating) to the strongest one.
  • All members of each Guild will participate in the War no matter which Guild has more members.
At exactly 13:00 (UTC) everyday, all accepted Guild Wars will take place.
  • Each Guild member will be paired for fighting 1:1, for example player X vs player Y.
  • If player X wins and has 5 surviving Binemons, it will continue to fight player Y+1. Else, player X+1 will fight player Y+1.
  • The team of the continuing player will have the same HP/MP as when it finished its last battle.
The Winner Guild earns 100% of the total wagered amount.
All War declarations will be displayed publicly for all users.