Binemon -Apple
12 Skill Gems

1st Common - Slight Feet

  • Increases x% Dodge Chance.

2nd Common - Death Harvester

  • Increases x% lifesteal.

3rd Common - Quick Patch

  • When health falls below 30%, increases x% health every self-turn for 3 self-turns. Occurs once per match.

4th Common - Fast Swing

  • Has a x% chance of dealing 1 extra normal attack after each normal attack.

5th Common - Mana Deffeciency

  • Every attack (normal or Ultimate skill) decreases enemy's MP by x points, while also disable opponent's Mana Regeneration.

6th Common - Heavy Hitter

  • Every attack (normal or Ultimate skill) reduces enemy's health x% extra.

7th Rare - Fiery Combatant

  • Increases x Strength, y Agility, z Intelligence, and k% of each owner Mon's stats.

8th Rare - Inner Bloodlust

  • Every x% HP loss increases y% damage and z% lifesteal.

9th Rare - Defensive Advantage

  • At the start of the match, creates a shield that nullifies Ultimate skill damage and effect of the 1st incoming Ultimate skill. While also returns x% + y% (0.1% of every damage point) and stuns the enemy for 2 self-turns.

10th Rare - Detrimental Atmosphere

  • While alive, decreases x% of speed of all enemy Mon and y% Ultimate skill damage of the enemy team.

11th Mythic - Untouchable

  • When health falls below x% + y% (0.1% every 10 damage points), nullifies all of incoming damage types and harmful effects for 3 self-turns.

12th Mythic - Perfect Strikes

  • Normal attacks and Ultimate skills deal extra x% + y% (0.1% every 10 damage points) of true damage (true damage: completely disregards the enemy's defense)