Binemon -Apple

Stats System

Primary Stats

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Intelligence

Primary Stats are influenced by Race

A Mon’s ace reveals its potential:

  • Titan: high Strength
  • Unicorn: high Intelligence
  • Cat: high Agility
  • Dog: balanced

Sum of Primary Stats comparison between Race:

Titan > Unicorn > Dog = Cat

Secondary Stats

Secondary Stats are reflected by Primary Stats

  • Damage: attack damage, in relation to Skills and the opponent’s Defense
  • HP
  • Speed: determine the attack order during the combat
  • Defense: damage resistance to opponent’s attack
  • MP Regeneration: Mana regenerating after each turn
  • Resistance: chances to resist sabotaging effects from opponent’s Skills

Secondary Stats improved by Equipments

  • Critical Rate: increase chance of critical hit
  • Critical Damage: increase damage of critical hit
  • Dodge Chance: increase chance to dodge incoming attack
  • HP Regeneration: HP recovery per second
  • Life Steal

All Stats are influenced by Rank & Fusion

  • Newly hatched Mons will have the sum of its Primary Stats equal to every other Mons in the same Rank (and Race).
  • Ranking up Mons will add 10% to their total Stats.
  • After successful Fusion, Stats for new Mon equal the highest of their parents’ Stats + a small luck Stats bonus.