Binemon -Apple

DeFi 2.0


Apple (AMB) auto-reward will occasionally distribute token, 3% of every successful transaction (buy/ sell/ TX) for all token holders.

Auto-Staking profits sources:

1. Trading on Pancake Swap
2. Binemon Marketplace TX
3. Gaming transaction

RiskFreeValue (RFV)

RiskFreeValue (RFV) is one of the significant differentiations in the development of AMB token, which will absolutely guarantee benefits of holders. VRF will be applied for 2 main purposes: sustain token price and token deflation. Accordingly, 5% of every buy/sell/TX transaction fee will be utilized to fulfill 2 objectives:

RFV Insurance

A portion of transaction fee will be stored in a transparent reserve (contract wallet). Dev team is undoubtedly not allowed to use the funds. They will be utilized for the sole objectives: buy back token during panic selling, then burn.

Auto Buy-back and Burn

In every transaction happening on the secondary market (PancakeSwap), Smart Contract will automatically buy back token and immediately burn. This will result in a deflating tendency for token, ensuring its steady growth over time.


The “buy/sell fee” mechanism with 5% buying fee and 5% selling fee allows the project to generate inflows to cover marketing and product development expenses. Besides, it is an essential reserve for listing activities at major exchanges, campaign events and P2E Fund aids. Smart Contract will automatically distribute reasonably between AMB token and BNB in Treasury to diversify end purposes.