RiskFreeValue (RFV)
RiskFreeValue (RFV) is one of the significant differentiations in the development of AMB token, which will absolutely guarantee benefits of holders. VRF will be applied for 2 main purposes: sustain token price and token deflation. Accordingly, 6% of every buy/sell/TX transaction fee will be utilized to fulfill 2 objectives:

RFV Insurance

A portion of transaction fee will be stored in a transparent reserve (contract wallet). Dev team is undoubtedly not allowed to use the funds. They will be utilized for the sole objectives: buy back token during panic selling, then burn.

Auto Buy-back and Burn

In every transaction happening on the secondary market (PancakeSwap), Smart Contract will automatically buy back token and immediately burn. This will result in a deflating tendency for token, ensuring its steady growth over time.