Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)

ILO Info (24/08/2021)

100% BNB raised liquidity lock
  • Soft cap: 500 BNB
  • Hard cap: 1000 BNB
  • Distribution: 2 BNB max per wallet
  • Price: 400,000 BIN/BNB (~$0.0012)

Which is the key in “Fair”?

  • Binemon Team does not possess any token during the early phase of the release. One year token locked time is our time to forge an exceptional GameFi that will surpass all peers in the market.
  • 1000 BNB raised fund will be automatically added to liquidity pool and locked for 1 year by
  • BIN token will be listed on PancakeSwap after the ILO is completed. Meanwhile, the Anti-whale contract function will place a limit of 800,000 BIN on each buy order 15 minutes after trading is opened.
  • The “buy/sell fee” mechanism with 2% buying fee and 5% selling fee allows the project to generate inflows to cover marketing and product development expenses.

Team Token Locked

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