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Why Binemon is built on DRKChain
Private Chain
Binemon Dapp is built on DRK Chain (private chain) and uses DRK Coin in essential transactions such as: Marketplace trade and Auto-staking for $BIN holders.
Binemon focuses on gameplay to bring the best NFT game experience ever. Therefore, blockchain performance is important for Binemon to scale up to millions of players.
So, why DRKChain?
  • Fast and stable transaction speed (up to 5000 TPS, block time of 2-second), which took inspiration from Ethereum 2.0, ensuring a smooth experience.
  • Cheapest gas fee helps save cost for player's activities and transactions on NFT Marketplace.
  • Smart Contract and DaRK privacy protocol brings customization, high security in line with the constantly upgrading nature of NFT games.
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