Binemon -Apple



  • Only obtained from SquidGame and PvP by collecting NFT fragments.
  • The egg-hatching is based on gacha mechanism verified by ChainLink VRF.

Elements of a Mon (NFT)

  • 4 Races: Dog, Cat, Unicorn, Titan
  • 5 Class: Tanker, Mage, Fighter, Archer, Support
  • 3 Primary Stats: Strength (Damage, HP); Agility ( Attack Speed, Armor); Intelligent (Magic Power, Skill Casting Speed, Magic Resistance)
  • 5 Secondary Stats : Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Dodge Chance, HP Regen, MP Regen
  • 2 Skills: Passive influenced by Race, Ultimate influenced by Class
  • 7 Rank: E < D < C < B < A < S < SR < UR
  • 3 Forms: Baby, Teenage, Adult
  • Level: 1-100

Fusion Mons NFTs

  • Make NFT reach a higher ranking and increase all stats.
  • Need AMB fee to do a “Fusion”.