Binemon Documents
Binemon is a virtual pet NFT game combined with elements of an Idle RPG game. In addition to collecting and trading eggs, ambrosia (fusion), characters, items, land, and players are also connected to fight in PVE, PVP, GVG modes and receive cryptocurrency rewards.
NFT Game is not a temporarily trend, but a new revolution to the current game industry. Perfecting the main product is the top priority for the Binemon developers, which is why we are working every single hour to fulfill that. While making profit, it is very important that you need to HAVE FUN


    #NFT #Collectible: collecting Mons, items, land,.. (ownership, trading)
    #Idle #RPG: role-playing games with simple interactions (suitable for all ages)
    #Gacha: spending virtual currency to receive items by chance (luck)

Binemon focuses on

    Elements system with more than 10 factors affecting a Mon (diversity)
    Marketplace creating sustainable value for Mons (asset)
    DRK Chain (private chain) with near-zero gas fee (optimizing utility)
    PVP, PVE, Guild, BineLand, BineAds,… (gaming job)
    3D graphics, linear progression storyline (attraction)
    Mobile app, Web app development (convenience)

Social media

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