For Beginner
Complete guide for our fellow Binemon Game beginners!

Buy $BIN Token

1️⃣ Download Metamask
2️⃣ Install 'Smart Chain” network (BSC Chain) and own some BNB
3️⃣ Access:
4️⃣ Connect your Metamask wallet with PancakeSwap
5️⃣ Use the contract 0xe56842ed550ff2794f010738554db45e60730371 to search for "BIN" Token
6️⃣ Swap “BNB” for “BIN"

Download Binemon Game on Mobile Phone

🔗 Google Store:
🔗 iOS and Web versions will be coming soon (currently full 10,000 testers on TestFlight)

Register for Binemon Account

1️⃣ Access the website:
2️⃣ Login > Click here to register > Fill information > Confirm email address
3️⃣ Connect your Metamask wallet
⚠️ Note: 1 Metamask wallet address can be associated with only 1 Account!

Buy Eggs with $BIN

1️⃣ Access:
2️⃣ Login to your account (If you do not have an account, please create one)
3️⃣ On Binemon Marketplace, connect your Metamask wallet (Binance Smart Chain)
4️⃣ Go to "Buy" > “Items”
5️⃣ Purchase Eggs with your $BIN
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