Story of Binemon
In a distant galaxy lies a planet called Earth...
One day extraterrestrial creatures appeared and created a new species in their own image to conquer the vast lands of Earth.
This species is called Mons.
The space inhabitants were worshiped by the Mons as their predecessor and named Promethean.
The world was divided into 5 main continents: Wood, Ice, Fire, Water and Desert, located in the center.
The Mons proliferated around the world, living mainly in 4 continents.
In the arid region Desert with harsh climate, life was hardly found, except for merchants passing by the deserts.
Due to its centered position, Desert acted as a border between the remaining continents, maintaining the balance of power.
Conflicts occasionally arose between continents, but the world as a whole was still at peace.
A long time later, a group of merchants was traveling through the Bine Desert and encountered the artifact of a tower with peculiar shapes.
The tower was accidentally activated and rose high in the middle of the desert, pulsating with a strong field of energy that continues to expand across the lands, and fuse the inhabitants together.
Mons were fused together into Binemons with special powers. The Binemons then roamed across continents to spread rumors about the tower.
The mysterious tower was named Binemon Tower, or BT by word of mouth.
To possess the extraordinary power of the Binemons, the continents began to compete over the privilege to exploit BT. In no time, the conflict grew bigger and eventually got out of hand.
Ultimately, a war broke out.
Binemons gathered under the shrewdest masters to prepare for the war of the century…
The war zone witnessed countless clashes between the 2 armies: Taurus and Ursa.
The Taurus Alliance (‘bull’ in Latin) with the blue battle flag and a Bull emblem.
The Ursa Alliance (‘bear’ in Latin) with the red battle flag and a Bear emblem.
The victor was to be granted with the privilege to seize BT in a long time period, enough for them to create more powerful Binemons before the next war took place.
The wars repeated themselves through time, seemingly endless…
The world went through a chaotic time with little hope for peace…
Until one day...
The main character (player) arrived.
The main character accidentally got lost in the BT ruins and discovered its hidden secret.
BT used to be an instrument of war of ancient beings, who located Earth as their territory to invade other planets in the vast galaxy.
Prometheans arrived and overthrew these ancient beings, then created the species of Mons on Earth.
It was shocking that beside the Mons-fusing ability, BT was also used as a satellite tower to transmit Earth’s coordinates in the galaxy to those ancient beings.
When the tower was accidentally activated by the merchants, it had also completed its mission to transmit Earth’s location….
Being the only one to discover the outrageous secret, the main character set on his path across the vast continents to convince people of the coming threat and recruit heroes to altogether destroy the Binemon Tower, while preparing for the frightening invasion from the galaxy far away...
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